How doing that little extra changes everything in business and life.

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Some brands stand out for the wrong reasons. Other’s are memorable for the right reasons. Why is that?

As a keynote speaker and corporate trainer, I travel a lot and am exposed to an array of brands along the way. Like most customers, I am loyal to the brands that make the customer experience positive and memorable. Like most customers I share those opinions in some form across social networks.

The Ritz Carlton SF knows how to deliver elevated customer experiences. Beyond the incredible location, the staff take the time and have the passion and training to do the simple things in an extraordinary way.

Doing that little extra also includes for yourself, your family and friends. It’s a win win for all involved. One of the key factors of Ritz Carlton success is that they are consistent in their services. They deliver on their brand promise. If one employee fails to deliver, the brand suffers.


On a pure business level, inspire and empower your employees to do that little extra. The ROI is PRICELESS!

Investing in your culture and providing your internal customers with the right tools and a clearly defined road map on how to deliver extraordinary customer experiences leads to brand loyalty and rave reviews. The modern consumer is spoilt for choice. Short term benefits and features only generates short term sales, but not loyalty. Make the customer feel great and they will come back again and again and again. 

If passion, innovation, caring and employee development aren't a part of your culture, it might be time to re-evaluate your core values. If your team is trained to deliver consistently, your brand value will suffer as will your bottom line.

Sincerely, Vital Germaine



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How to be your best self in 5 simple steps

Preparation is a fundamental key to succeed. As leaders, managers and employees, how often do we take the time to get into the right mindset before a meeting, a work shift, a presentation, or prior to addressing a customer?

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Mental, physical and emotional preparation will empower you to spread your wings and fly without a net. You will communicate and execute with confidence, enthusiasm, conviction, focus and clarity. 



Your energy is the first thing people connect with on a subconscious level. Audiences and customers are engaged and sold on passion, authenticity and positive energy. Make a great first impression with your upbeat energy, positive body language, energized facial expressions, and a confident and welcoming tone of voice.



As a keynote speaker (and in any capacity in life) we need to define what our objectives. What strategy have we put in place to achieve them.

My intention is to optimize the value I bring to my audience. I want to hit a home run. Be specific when you set your intention. The more clarity you have, the better your value proposition becomes.



In the 5 years that I performed in Cirque du Soleil, preparation for a show was a multi-leveled process that transformed me from daily pedestrian, to a gravity-defying performer that brought the element of surprise and delight. My personal process at Cirque began by checking all needed equipment (costume and props), followed by make-up; each dab masking the ordinary, inviting me to change into something bigger than myself. I'd then warm up an my body by stretching, lifting light weights and some form of cardio to get my blood circulating. An oxygen rich brain is alert and focused. Today, my prep is different, though still needed and implemented. Create your ritual. Ready, set... SHOWTIME! 



The final transformation was a mental decision to shift into "SHOWTIME" mode and fly without a net. Offstage, I can be a "victim" of life and all the challenges and burdens that weigh us down: company bureaucracy, bills, arguments with significant others or friends, disappointments and un-met expectations. Life happens. Once I stepped on stage, my mindset negated all personal problems, focused on ONE thing... to be my best self. The audience didn't pay to experience my issues.  I respect my audience. I want to be at my best for them, because it's clearly all about them.



Establish rituals or habits that prepare you. Consistent behavior drives success and achievement. Create your own personal "pre-showtime" warm up that will elevate your game. When you're having a bad day and don't have the energy or stamina to prepare and perform your "show," those are the days that you need the preparation more than ever.  Commit to a short, physical warm up and mental and emotional "meditation" or other cerebral activity to elevate your game before heading out to the sales floor, a meeting, a presentation or prior to any form of customer interaction and establish your "showtime" mindset.


Sincerely, Vital Germaine


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