3 things you need to know about building a brand.


Building a brand is not just a business or entrepreneur thing. You yourself are a brand too. You brand yourself as a friend, parent, lover and colleague. Here are some tips to help you become a better brand: personally and on a business level. The two overlap.

TIP #1: Your brand is not what YOU say it is. Your brand is entirely based on how your customers or people perceive you or your business. Loyalty is based on how people feel about you or your product, service or organization. Make sure that how you or your representatives show up is congruent with what you stand for. A disconnect will alienate people from you or company.

TIP #2: The essence of who you are, what you stand for, and how you show up on a consistent basis define your character… your personal brand.

It is said that we do business with people we know, like, trust... and relate to.

  1. Are you LIKEABLE? If somebody simply doesn’t like you they will go else where to do business. Recommended reading: The LikeAbility Factor by Tim Sanders.

  2. Are you TRUSTABLE? Your customers, colleagues, friends and family want to know that you deliver on what you say you will do. It’s about being authentic, reliable and knowing that you have their interest at heart.

  3. Are you RELATABLE? Character traits such as arrogance can turn people off. Be grounded, genuinely listen and care about people. Be welcoming and add an splash of vulnerability and humility.

TIP #3 When it comes to pure business or entrepreneurship know this: The modern consumer, in particular Gen Z/Y and Millennials (who have a purchasing power of over $200 BILLION annually) buy into, and are loyal to brands that they connect with on an emotional level. It’s entirely emotion and experience based.

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Vital Germaine

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