What clients say about Vital

Digital Guardian at RSA Conference, Susanne Gurman - Vital, your delivery was stellar. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your energy to help me and my team OVERACHIEVE our goal. You helped raise the bar. Type your paragraph here.

MICROSOFT, Marisa Belfoort 
-  "Vital I wanted to let you know that my team was SUPER happy to have you during our conference. VERY INSPIRING!"

University of Phoenix, Dennis Bonilla - Executive Dean College of Information Systems and Technology at Apollo Education Group "Vital was awesome. If you need a workshop that will inspire your team to "stretch out" and be authentic and creative, contact him immediately. Best team building session i have ever participated in. Great 2 days.

GP Strategies "Vital has "engaged" members of my team. He was awesome!"

Diamond Wealth Management for Leaderast - "Vital was a hug hit with our Leadercast crowd!"- Staci Sharadin

SGEi - Michael Erin Strong, VP of Marketing "After seeing Vital speak at the Downtown Podcast I was determined to recruit him: amusingly he had already been recruited by our VP of Learning earlier that week. Vital is the kind of person you want on your team, and one whom you trust with your brand. He's lively, engaging, memorable, motivating, and hilarious. If you're looking for someone to entrust with your brand, I highly recommend Vital as a consultant.

City of Las Vegas Annual Values Conference "Our group asbolutely loved your presentation today Vital Germaine!! Thank you!!"  

New York Times best-selling author and former Yahoo Executive, Tim Sanders "Vital is a gift. He has an amazing POV on creativity + team development. His energy is infectious and his advice is actionable and inspiring.

Becky Lodewijk, vice provost University of Phoenix Instructional Design Team  "Thank you so much for serving as our keynote speaker at our Instructional Design Conference! I cannot tell you how many people commented that your presentation was exactly the right kick-off we needed to allow ourselves to think differently about our roles and how we approach our work. Your presentation created excitement within the team, gave them permission to take risks, and embrace creativity. I am extremely encouraged that even several weeks afterwards I am still hearing those conversations take place. I love that we were able to reignite that creative passion and I am grateful that you were the conduit for that change! 

Baskow and Associates "Vital is such a breath of fresh air... and full of wisdom and thoughtfulness" 

Office Dynamics "Our concluding session of the day was the much-anticipated workshop by Vital Germaine, "Creative Leadership for Administrative Professionals." A former Cirque du Soleil performer and all-around fascinating Rennaissance man, Vital is currently the owner of ENGAGE, where he shares his expertise to inspire growth in both individuals and organizations.  After giving us a brief insight on his interesting life, Vital kicked off the workshop by sharing a model for obtaining peak performance, where creativity, wellness, and connectedness converge to support an optimal state. He then offered his three step formula for inspiring creativity. We can’t give it away — some things you just have to be there for! — but in the blink of an eye, Vital literally transformed the entire room, and everyone in it, with a simple trick. He brought it all together at the end with the top ten ways to develop creative thinking, which include curiosity, commitment, childlike wonder, collaboration, and of course lots of play."

Las Vegas DownTown Project click to read

UNLV (OLLI) "Thank you very much! I felt you sure you would get the attendees inspired and YOU DID!"

Stance Branding "Brings joy and happiness every time I wear my clown nose"

Principal Redevelopment Administrator at City of Henderson “Vital, you were sensational!”

Special Events Manager Wynn LV  “Thanks Vital! They loved it!”

City of Las Vegas  "Thank you for sharing in the City of Las Vegas Values Conference. Your ability to present the subject in such an interesting & energetic way produced one of the most memorable sessions of the conference.

President Liquid Society, Bruges Belgium “Super Teambuilder Vital Germaine from Vegas to Bruges! Thanks Vital for this fantastic inspiring day!”

Booking executive Best Agency "Vital is a dream to work with. He never ceases to amaze."

President/Owner Vallarta Adventures “You took us to another level. You really motivated everybody. I wish we could have somebody like you work for us full time.”

"Chick in charge” at Preferred Events “Thank YOU so much!!! You were great!”

Chief Scientist of IBM Context Computing “I enjoyed your a speech a lot… congrats!”

Foundation Director Henderson Chamber of Commerce “Thank you for a fantastic presentation!”

Senior VP of Sales New Age Electronics "ENGAGE ranks at the top-tier of any corporate event we've executed. Our business partners could not stop raving about the exquisite performance and high quality entertainment."

GP Strategies “Mission accomplished! Thank you Vital. Amazing workshop.

Tiger Todd, Founder Hero School “You brought light and love to everyone in the room that night. You’re one-of-a-kind.”

General Manager Lee Hecht Harrison “Thank you so much! You were certainly an inspiration!”

Preferred Events “Thank YOU for giving an amazing speech, and  being so great to work with! Rave reviews! I really enjoyed your message.“

Project Manager GP Strategies "I wore my red nose while on a call! It was amazing meeting you in Las Vegas and loved your presentation."

Vice President Vallarta Adventures “The difference you made was night and day. There is no doubt in anyone's mind. the massive impact you made on our show. Thank you for your friendship, you'r direction and artistic direction”

Create Your Destiny Today “Really had an amazing time at your workshop!!! Thank you so much.”

VP of Sales, Alan Waxler Group “A truly amazing experience.”


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