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It’s always about how people feel in response to how you treat them. We are humans and humans are emotional beings. Everything we do is based on our emotional response and/or connection. The most effective way to inspire change is to create the necessary emotional response void of manipulation. Policy doesn’t inspire action let alone performance. Being valued, respected and honored drives performance.

When it comes to business, employee engagement and culture, not all company cultures are created equal. Not all companies make the effort to demonstrate their intention of setting their teams up for success.

It’s an honor to deliver customer service training for a global brand that gets it, and does it right. This particular organization is sending a strong message to its frontline employees by clearly demonstrating how much they value them. Through heavily investing in the future of their team’s performance, they are basically saying, “We believe in you and you are worth the investment. Thank you.” The even better news for this global brand is that the training and internal message is being well received. The needle is moving, transformation and growth are happening. Moral is up, employees are reaching higher, CSI scores are improving and the brand is expanding. 

It's so important to invest in training your team, but maybe even more important to do it the right way. Create training content and environments that are INSPIRATIONAL, unique, memorable and cool (relevant). By doing so, you will inspire your "Imperial Guard" before the first word of any opening slide has been uttered. Also, set your trainers and speakers up for success by establishing a “we value you” tone and attitude from minute one. Reap the rewards of your awareness (emotional intelligence), your insight and your implantation strategy. Are you “feeling” me guys?

We all know the notion and value of making people feel good, yet we often forget to actually implement strategies and action plans that truly have an emotional impact. The way you treat people not only reveals everything about your personal character as a leader, or as an executive, but it reflects the pulse and life-blood of your organization. How you treat your people clearly announces how you view and value them. Treat them poorly and resentment will grow, performance will decline and engagement will suffer. Treat them well and abracadabra!

I’ve delivered endless trainings in the US and Europe, and not all workspaces or training locations are created equal. When walking into an insipid work environment, the battle to inspire growth and transformation is magnified before the journey has begun. Company workspaces communicate so much in regards to how leaders and executives feel about their employees. Consider the extremely negative situations found in “third-world” countries where employees work under horrific conditions. We’ve all heard about such sad scenarios. It is evident how those business owners feel about their employees.

In the luxury of developed countries, the differences regarding quality become more subtle or less extreme, though the impact of the message remains the same. Send a clear and positive message to your team that you value, respect and care for them. Set them up for success by making them feel good about working for your brand. You’ll enjoy the ROI. 

Vital Germaine


Vital Germaine is Las Vegas’ most dynamic keynote speaker and employee engagement trainer.


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