His immersive and interactive format provides relevant content and experiences in a fun, informative and entertaining fashion.

The value proposition is simple; deliver results by enhancing company culture, driving innovation, strengthening leadership and improving Customer Experience. Your ROI is enhanced brand strength and increased sales.

WHY IS CULTURE IMPORTANT? Company culture is at the heart of the success of every organization. The way in which your team interacts with each heavily influences and determines how they will interact with your clients.

Vital works under the umbrella of his company ENGAGE. ENGAGE is renowned for its ability to inspire teams to see beyond the ego, embrace differences and deny inhibitions.  Our FUN process and approach lays a foundation for a healthier and happier work environment where everybody can thrive, thereby strengthening your brand and increasing revenue. 


Why is having FUN crucial to learning? Neurologist, Judy Willis demonstrated how fun increases dopamine, endorphins and oxygen levels, which all promote learning. When training is fun, employees retain more and are more engaged.