Vital Germaine is not only the President of ENGAGE, he is also a standout personality in the field of public speaking. His content-rich presentations are dynamic, informative, relevant, memorable and entertaining. His impactful keynotes have inspired and empowered audiences around the world.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and learn more, you are a leader.”

— John Quincy Adams”

His talks are customized and designed to incite action and initiate meaningful paradigm shifts that lead to increased sales, elevated Customer Experiences and happier lives in the workplace.


  1. Performance driven and deliver a high ROI.

  2. Different, relevant and provide actionable tools.

  3. Dynamic, transformational and deliver results.

  4. Memorable, impactful and FUN.

  5. Stimulate creativity and incite innovation.

  6. Evoke action, inspire and promote change.

  7. Build happier more effective and productive teams.


  1. Elevated Customer Satisfaction.

  2. Expanded business possibilities and horizons.

  3. Increased employee engagement and productivity.

  4. More innovative approaches keeping you competitive.

  5. Strengthened leadership and communication.

  6. Improved team spirit and collaborative capacity.

  7. Meaningful cultural paradigm shifts that boost profits.