Are you tired of doing trust falls and building a bike? Looking for something more impactful that provides real growth and a stronger return on your investment?

Vital Germaine’s INNOVATION MINDSET workshops combine the fun and camaraderie of team building activities with impactful content and actionable tools that incite change, inspire action, encourage expansion and promote peak performance. They are multi-leveled, interactive, immersive and impactful with a high ROI.Vital delivers transformational INNOVATION MINDSET workshops that are designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration.

VITAL’S PROMISE is to provide clients with actionable tools that promote a more CREATIVE, expansive and diverse mindset that enhances the ability to generate novel ideas, conceive innovative concepts and embrace relevant new strategies – our approach is designed to optimize, collaboration, problem-solving skills and inspire more effective communication that leads to focused, efficient and driven teams that keep your company relevant and competitive in today's faster-than-ever changing business climate. Read his blog

The INNOVATION MINDSET workshops are more than an exercise - the are an experience!

Vital shares 3 simple tried and tested steps that will activate and stimulate creative ingenuity. 

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The INNOVATION MINDSET workshop are about effective communication and collaboration, building confidence, taking risks, generating new ideas, stimulating innovation, exploring and discovering new approaches, adapting to challenging situations and learning how to embrace change. Creativity has been at the forefront of every human advance and success story known to man. It's the ultimate differentiator in the business world.

  • Many of the activities are Cirque-Inspired. They challenge without being dangerous. 

  • He will push your team out of their comfort zones, expanding their horizons.

  • The learning tools are simple, interactive and highly effective.

  • The workshops are FUN and deliver results!