MISSION: To inspire and empower individuals and organizations to reach higher and fly without a net. I achieve this by stimulating an innovation mindset able to adapt, disrupt and achieve objectives.

VISION: To be a relevant, impactful and an inspirational thought leader who makes the world a more loving, open-minded, encompassing and happier place to live.

PURPOSE: To build happier, richer lives at home and at work.

PROMISE: Deliver results by providing relevant content and actionable tools that incite action and promote change and innovation.

CORE VALUES: Empathy. Fun. Integrity. Authenticity. Adaptability. Passion. Open-mindedness. Curiosity. Courage and Resilience: Be Childlike. Be Extraordinary. Be Healthy. Creativity.

Las Vegas' most dynamic speaker.

A master of mindset. 

He honed his craft of culture, creativity and teamwork on stage at Cirque du Soleil as an acrobat and Team Captain. A second act in hospitality and entrepreneurship added business acumen to his repertoire. 

Vital’s keynotes and trainings transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with innovative techniques that fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Charismatically engaging audiences with a motivating and memorable message, Vital’s signature take-a-way leaves a lasting impression that allows attendees to recapture the magic of their imagination.  


leadership | innovation | teamwork | transformation | sales


Vital has over 25 years of leadership experience in different industries; hospitality, sports, entertainment, production and management. 


Vital received a Languages and Communications Degree from Syntra West College in Belgium and is currently earning a Business and Fine Arts Degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Community College of Southern Nevada. He is a distinguished graduate of the Dale Carnegie Certification program and completed his Rapport Leadership training. He is fluent in English, French, and Dutch.