All of Vital's keynotes are customized and designed to achieve optimum effect by sharing relevant and actionable tools that inspire leaders and teams to take action and incite meaningful paradigm shifts that lead to increased sales, elevated customer experiences and happier lives in the workplace.

- Generate leads | Deliver your message | Make an impact

creativity | innovation

- Team Dynamics | Communication | Collaboration 

on-camera host

Writers and soon-to-be authors:Do you have a story that you'd like to share but need guidance, encouragement, insight or a gentle "kick up the bottom"?
Are you in the process of writing your book but are stuck? I will get you there! Connect with me today for details.

Speakers: Do you have a passion for speaking and want to go to the next level?
Do you need to strengthen or refine your existing skills?
Do you need to develop or create content that will have  an impact?
I will get you there! Connect with me today for details.



- Entertaining | Informative | Likeable


Vital's professional and dynamic style will make your next commercial, promo video or event memorable, informative and entertaining.

Vital's experiential trainings and workshops inspire, stimulate and strengthen leadership and team dynamics. They are highly immersive and interactive, providing a platform for growth, change and peak performance. 

Vital Germaine will deliver your message in a captivating and fashion at your next trade show. Delivering a successful expo presentation will qualify leads and inspire action from attendees.  This allows your sales team to best utilize their expertise to  engage and inform prospects immediately after each presentation concludes.

Team development

My private c​oaching sessions focus on up-and-coming writers and speakers

- Leadership | Customer Experience | Creativity | Culture