MISSION:To inspire and empower individuals and organizations to reach higher and fly without a net. 

VISION: To innovate and revitalize team development and employee engagement strategies, resulting in elevated customer experiences, brand strength and sales.

PURPOSE: To strengthen leadership, stimulate creativity and build happier more effective teams.

PROMISE: Deliver results by providing relevant content, actionable tools and inspiring positive transformation.

CORE VALUES: Expand horizons. Have fun. Adaptability. Passion. Curiosity. Courage. Resilience. Being Childlike. Empathy. Be awesome. Be healthy.

Vital received a Languages and Communications Degree from Syntra West College in Belgium and is currently earning a Business and Fine Arts Degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Community College of Southern Nevada. He is fluent in English, French, Dutch... y un poquito Espanol.

Before becoming a consultant, trainer and keynote speaker, Vital owned an entertainment production company for 8 years. He is currently President of ENGAGE; a consulting company.

who is vital germaine?

Vital Germaine is a Belgian National with a British accent, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who got to live the American dream by way of a French Canadian circus.

He is also the top selling author of FLYING WITHOUT A NET, which has been called a "life-changer, a must read and best read of the year." You'll feel inspired and compelled to read the sequel, FLYING WITHOUT A NET 2.0

Before becoming a reputable inspirational speaker, Vital was team captain and performed for over 5 years in Cirque du Soleil's Mystere and the US tour of Quidam. Vital values and implements the many leadership, culture and team dynamics lessons he learned during his time in the global icon of entertainment and excellent Customer Experiences.


leadership | creativity | teamwork | transformation | sales

His unique, impactful and memorable style of delivery captivates and inspires, stimulating relevant paradigm shifts that elevate Customer Experience and sales.