VISION: To be a relevant, impactful and inspirational thought leader who makes the world a more loving, open-minded, encompassing and happier place to live.

MISSION: To inspire and empower individuals and organizations to reach higher and fly without a net.  ​

PURPOSE: To build happier lives at home and at work.

PROMISE: Deliver results by providing relevant content and actionable tools that incite action and promote change and innovation.​

CORE VALUES: Empathy. Love. Fun. Happiness. Respect. Humility. Integrity. Adaptability. Passion. Open-mindedness. Curiosity. Courage and Resilience: Be Childlike. Be Extraordinary. 

who is vital germaine?

Vital Germaine is a Belgian National with a British accent, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who got to live the American dream by way of a French Canadian circus.

He is also the top selling author of FLYING WITHOUT A NET, which has been called a "life-changer, a must read and best read of the year." You'll feel inspired and compelled to read the sequel, FLYING WITHOUT A NET 2.0

Before becoming a reputable inspirational speaker, Vital was team captain and performed for over 5 years in Cirque du Soleil's Mystere and the US tour of Quidam. Vital values and implements the many leadership, culture and team dynamics lessons he learned during his time in the global icon of entertainment and excellent Customer Experiences.

His unique, impactful and memorable style of delivery captivates and inspires, stimulating relevant paradigm shifts that elevate Customer Experience and sales. 

​AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Leadership | Creativity | Team Dynamics | Transformation | Sales | Customer Experience


The red ball / circle, represents many things in one.

1. It is my signature clown nose that I use in promotional materials (visual hammer), during my interactive keynotes, team building workshops and trainings. It brings great value and transformation (more below) 

2. The red nose connects to my Cirque du Soleil background and the concept of the "sad" clown who wishes to make the world smile.

3. It is also a symbol of the rising Japanese sun (Hi no maru) and the country's fundamental philosophy of "Mindfulness for others." (love, respect, humility)

THE VALUE OF THE CLOWN NOSE: when my audiences wear the clown nose, they immediately put down their guard (ego), they become childlike, more open-minded, approachable and HAPPY... and all within seconds. It opens the door to stronger connections, learning and collaboration. That's reason for me to SMILE.